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Messages recording for call centers and voice mails


We can easily and professionally record customised messages for your voice mail. Fill in the online form to choose every detail

  • speaker voice
  • speaker gender (male or female)
  • message language (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Base sounds
  • Technical recording data
  • Payment method (credit card, bank transfer, postal order, cash on delivery)
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We recently added a new service: once recorded, we can upload the voice mail message directly onto your system from remote. 

We only need to know

  •  your voice mail number
  • a temporary password to access your system
  • brand and type of  voice mail 

This service is temporary available only for: memotel telecom Italia voice mails; tim, vodafone, tre and wind mobile phones; all voice mails provided with the “remote control” function (check your voice mail instruction manual.

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