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Do you need a company dedicated telephone number with customised answering service?

Benefit from our services, you pay as you go

Spazi Esclusivi provides Professionals and Companies with various Secretarial and Call Centre services:

Personal Telephone Number
You will be given a new work-dedicated telephone number. Calls can be forwarded to your private number or access a voice mail facility. This way your private number will stay confidential.

Company Telephone Number
Work-dedicated telephone number with customised answering service. One of our assistants will answer with a greeting of your choice. Calls can be either forwarded to different telephone numbers of your choice or noted and forwarded through a written message (sms, email, fax).


Agenda and appointments management

According to your request, our assistants will manage your appointments and notify you of important events and deadlines.


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Devi preparare del materiale, prenotare un Hotel, ed hai bisogno di una mano?Our Staff is always at your disposal, whenever you need help with organizing your meeting or booking a hotel. Just ask for extra information and services.

Just ask for extra information and services.

Among our services:

Prints and photocopies

  • b/w and color A4 and A3 prints (special paper if requested)
  • b/w and color A4 and A3 photocopies

Mailing services

  • b/w and color communications prints;
  • envelopes;
  • envelopes or labels prints;
  • postage and shipping

Shipping and Reservations
Either you need to send something and you need a Pony or a courier, you wanto to book a hotel in Italy or abroad, or you planned a meeting and you need an interpreter, don’t hesitate asking our staff to help you.

We are at your disposal!